Who am I? 🕵️

Romy the Dachshund!
Beach life was not for her

Firstly, thanks for looking at my personal website. It's my warm and comfy Warm your hands by the fireplace.

My name is Adam - I live in the northeast of London with my partner and my adorable little pup, Romy (not after the xx singer, but rather after Roman Roy from the awesome TV series Succession). She is a 6 month old Dachshund / Yorkie cross and takes up most of my time when I'm not coding up a storm.

I wasn't always technically oriented; I originally studied English Literature at undergraduate level, with lofty aspirations of becoming the poet laureate. I soon discovered that you had to do quite a lot of reading of dry Jacobean texts so that idea died a death, and I transfigured into techie Adam.

Aside from being a furry baby daddy, I live for music (some of my favourite artists are Tame Impala, Maribou State, and maybe sometimes I'll indulge in some Natasha Bedingfield), beer, reading and maybe sometimes some exercise to counteract the amount of Deliveroos I order.

Technical interests

My workstation
My 2020 Coronavirus edition workstation

I have a particular interest in building out amazing developer tooling, as I think all too often developer ease of use and experience falls by the wayside. I think Datadog is a great example of a complex product executed with this ethos in mind.

I have worked across a lot of programming languages in my career; the following is by no means an exhaustive list, however it is organised chronologically by when I first learnt the language:

My perfect web stack nowdays would probably be something along the lines of:

So why are you here?

You may be a recruiter, you may just be an inquisitive internet traveller, who knows?

If you are looking to hire, I am always on the lookout for a role where I can have a great impact and influence the technical direction of the org, in both frontend and backend architecture. The key things I look for are a friendly culture, a group of passionate individuals who want to move fast and create something magical, and of course I still need to eat and also feed my little pup, so a salary.

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