Curriculum Vitae

A colleague once described me as a true "Unicorn" developer - I promised myself that I wouldn't publicize this, but it's too good to gloss over - I think my strength comes from being a generalist - one day I could be using Terraform, the next designing something in Sketch or debugging some Rails code.

Over the years I have worked with a variety of technologies, starting back in the early 2010s where I worked as a C# / ASP.NET developer, through to playing around with Node.js, and then subsequently falling in love with Ruby and Rails. More recently, I have found TypeScript to be a delight, so I tend to work with this for most new frontend projects

  1. Senior Software Engineer, Deliveroo

    Working on a variety of consumer projects including development of new Post Order Tipping functionality, as well as providing mentoring support to junior engineers. Languages primarily used are TypeScript, Ruby on Rails and Golang.

    Oct. 2020 - Present
  2. Software Engineer, Deliveroo

    Worked on New User acquisition experiments on the web checkout, contributed to many UI components to Deliveroo's component library, built internal tooling to enable easier deployment of pricing configurations.

    Sep. 2019 - Oct. 2020
  3. Developer, Sofar Sounds

    Developed modern in-house events management tool, and bootstrapped Sofar's first design system. Primarily Ruby on Rails & TypeScript.

    Mar. 2018 - Jul. 2019
  4. Developer, Farmdrop

    Worked on various internal tools, as well as development of merchandising / shopfront backend administration tool. Primarily Ruby on Rails & ES6 JavaScript.

    Mar. 2017 - Mar. 2018
  5. Technologist, Route1

    Developed Route1's content management system integration. Mostly Node.js & React.

    Jan. 2017 - Mar. 2017
  6. Developer, MB Interactive

    Built websites for local businesses, including the local craft beer shop. Mainly ASP.NET / C#.

    Jan. 2013 - Dec. 2016

Although I am perfectly happy where I am at this present moment in time; however, if you think you have an offer I can't refuse, please send an email to